My scratch built ork warbuggy. I love it because it looks like a grot tank and when folks see it they ‘wow, this guy has grot tanks, they’re really tough, I’d better blow the shit outa it!’ Then they proceed to shoot that big sexy Devastator squad at it. Twenty Five points later and I’m grinning that my Battle Wagons are still alive.


Three Kans. No muss, no fuss.


Ahh, my beloved Battlewagons. When you need to get some boyz from here to over there, nothing beats a good old Battlewagon. One takes twenty boys with a Klawnob and the other takes the Boss and his Nobs. ANd yes, that is a Stompa chainblade on the front of the left hand wagon.

2015-09-25 11.16.59

FlashGits. Fuck you guys seriously. Hit shit next time and then we’ll talk about letting you back in the house.

2015-09-25 11.19.06

Nothing says ‘This is the dance of my people’ like throwing a shit load of power klaws and head stomping boots at your opponent. Then watching their face as death happens to them. The little guy in the front is a painboy – scratch made from an old GorkaMorka character.

2015-09-25 11.19.14

Wagon boys. You need it stomped – they go stomp it.

2015-09-25 11.16.45

Here’s the infantry. There is another tank and a Deff dread that would require me to go out to the car to get… so no.

2015-09-25 11.16.54

So, because I’m getting rid of the Gitz I’ll be adding a mob of Tank Bustas in a trukk and another Buggy.


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  1. Battlewagons are awesome…the flashgitz also look great, even if they can’t hit anything!

    Grot tank/buggy looks awesome…though you do have to tell your opponent what it is before you start…of course if they forget, that is their fault đŸ™‚

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