Why advertising matters

You clicked on this expecting something else dincha?

Let that serve as a mental starter to what will follow.

Put these statements through your mental wringer;

1 – We need to protect everyone. We are doing this for the safety of everyone.

2 – We need to protect X. We are doing for the safety of X.

I bet you did a little eye roll at the first one; oh yeah, I’ve heard that before, that’s just the Man trying to control society again. By identifying everyone, no one particular has been identified and therefore you’re all like; I’m everyone, and I’ve never felt in danger, well part from the dreams I used to have about that wardrobe at the end of the spare room at grandma’s.

But number 2. You perked up at that one, didn’t you? X? X is in danger? Oh boy, I know X, they’re really nice and always undercharge me when I fill up a bag at the sweat shop. X is cool, I like X, I’ll stand up and save them from whatever is going on. Of course, you might have the opposite reaction, but I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt.

And suddenly it becomes X against the world and anyone who criticises X is the enemy. Anyone who says something bad about the way you’re doing things, or what you’re doing in the name of X, they are just as much an enemy.

The point of this little thought experiment is to warn you about some of the various hash tags, social media movements and other cults of belief that are out there. Hell, warn is perhaps too strong a word. Invite you to be critical of is a more pouncey way of saying it.

Be critical of everything, just the way you would if someone brought you something they claimed was a dragon egg or a smoked coelacanth.

Just don’t be rude, because that never helps your public image. I’m not sure if any of you will have seen the things that happened on Toronto campuses, but that is rudeness. That is the danger of group think as well.

Food for thought.


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