Staff poetry competition…



Inset day, up at six, back to routine, haven’t missed this,

Lots of speeches, lots of news, too much to do, so confused,

Pupils back, most off sick, behaviour problems, that was quick,

First assembly, gut feels tight, deadlines, that can’t be right,

Carwash starts, heart in mouth, stop it Tom, well that went south,

Lots of work, weekend flash, can’t be helped, coffee crash,

Lost his book, lost his kit, new staff member, what a tit,

Four weeks in, where’d it go, question, question, not now Jo,

Books to mark, work to plan, that one kid, your biggest fan,

Burnt out, about to crash, more work to do, no more cash,

Half term near, I’ll get through this, half past ten, boozy bliss,

School trip out, feeling low, Stop That Tom, body blow,

Biscuit powered, nearly there, footballs lost, no one cares,

Observation, scolding tea, playground duty, SMT,

Last day, time to go, free at last, love it though!


C Hill


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