Crystal made me do it

A friend was playing a game. Someone moved a pawn. And then this happened.

Katherine struggled against the men that held her, biting the hand trying to bind her mouth. If they were going to tie her hands behind her back, so be it, but she was not going to be gagged like a muzzled dog. If she was going to die, it was going to be with every shred of dignity she could find.

Sir Henry stepped in front of her and gripped her shoulder. Sir Henry, the “most valiant knight” of the King’s Gentry, was the one who had gotten everyone into this situation. Magnificently drunk and hoping to rid the city of the dragon, who demanded a single virgin sacrifice each year during the harvest, he had summoned some other drunk men, clambered into the dragon’s den on top of the mountain, and tried to kill it.

This would have been all well and good had Sir Henry actually managed to slay the dragon, but as it turns out, not only are dragons very large and capable of breathing copious amounts of fire, they also have fantastic hearing. Only Sir Henry was left alive to stumble wide-eyed back into the city with singed hair, sooty armour and a bearing a terrible message.


And so they had come to Katherine.

Katherine had thought that she was practically untouchable, as her father was a duke and she was planning on marrying that year, but, after three other young women were devoured, even she started to be afraid.

And now here she was. Someone jerked her bonds taught across her wrists, binding them tightly behind her back, and Sir Henry looped a length of rope around her neck.

She fought the urge to burst into tears, but she felt a little braver with a knife in her sleeve and five knights saluting her passage. Acceptance blossomed slowly in her stomach as they led her outside of the stable she was being kept in, where the sun was beginning to break over the horizon, and they veered towards the mountain. It looked bleak and foreboding in the twilight, and she lowered her gaze. If she was going to try to escape, she had to keep calm.

An hour later, her legs were burning as they marched up the mountain. About a hundred feet away from where they stood loomed the gaping mouth of a dark cave, smoke trickling up towards the sky from the darkness. Seeing it was like a punch to the gut, and she felt a quiver of dread run up her spine.

Katherine gave her escort a short nod and turned around, not wanting them to see the tears spill over her cheeks. She waited until the sounds of their boots crunching on the dirt and gravel faded away and then slowly, slowly made her way to the cave’s entrance. Her head was spinning from nervousness and she took in a deep, shaky breath.

It was empty.

Katherine waited in absolute silence for a few minutes that stretched on like hours, listening to the water from stalactites on the ceiling drip into puddles on the ground. Her eyes felt as wide as saucers. If she could see herself, she knew what she would look like-a mess. Pale, quivering lips, shaking in her slippers, which were filled painfully with bits of gravel. If she continued to stand here in complete stillness, she was going to scream. She could feel it building up in her chest, trapped behind her teeth.

The knife, she remembered suddenly. But her hands were tied behind her-how was she going to use it?

With effort, she slowly bent down onto one knee, and then lowered the other as well. She rolled her shoulder vigorously, feeling the weight of the knife jiggle in her sleeve, and finally heard it clatter against the ground as it fell free. She froze for a moment as she heard the noise echo throughout the cave, and after several minutes had passed, she began to shift her arms towards it, gritting her teeth with the strain. She let out a cry of anguish as her efforts sent her toppling onto her side onto the floor.

“Ahhh,” a rich voice purred from several feet to her right. “What have we here?” Katherine froze, tears trickling down her face. The sound of something shifting filled the cave, and she closed her eyes tightly as she heard it approach. It was so close to her that she could feel its breath playing across the exposed skin of her shoulders. “Oh yes, another offering,” the dragon.

Something rough and talon-like hooked under her arms and gave a jerk, rolling her onto her back. She bit her lip and slowly opened her eyes, and what she saw made her feel faint.

The dragon was nearly thirty feet long. Katherine’s mouth opened in a perfectly silent scream.

“Oh my,” he drawled. “Aren’t you delectable? Let me see you,” he continued, trailing off and sliding a talon beneath the hem of her gown’s neckline. With a slight tug, the fabric ripped, and he parted it down to her legs, baring her body as Katherine let out a hoarse cry. She felt her face grow hot-nobody had ever seen her naked, at least not since she was a baby, and right now she was completely exposed. The dragon inhaled slowly and brought his face close to her skin, his tongue skimming the length of her belly. Katherine jerked at his touch, a moan escaping her lips as his hot, wet tongue caressed her body. “You are simply perfect,” he groaned. “A beautiful, delirious virgin sprawled out on my floor,” he purred, those scaly lips curving into something that may have been a grin. “It seems too good to be true, doesn’t it?” His tongue slid up her inner thigh and Katherine inhaled sharply, a million wonderful sensations blossoming from his touch and warming her from her toes to her fingertips. Her bare skin was becoming fever-hot to the touch, and the cool air of the cave raked over it like ice. He paused at the sweet spot between her thighs, probing at her lips, and then he slowly, so slowly, slipped the very tip of his tongue inside of her.

“Ahhh-ah!” Katherine cried, thrashing beneath him as his hot tongue slid another couple inches in and gave a delicious sort of squirm inside of her. It was painful, but also felt slick and full in a way that made her want to scream. “What are you doing?!” she moaned, horrified by her body’s betrayal. She let out a gasp as his tongue slid out of her.

“Gods above, you are so sweet and tight,” the dragon sighed. “I feel like I’m going to enjoy you very much.” Katherine’s tears were flowing freely now, and she tried to muster up the most courageous face she could.

“Are you going to eat me?” she asked quietly, terrified and hopeless and utterly violated. The dragon eyed her with amusement and brought his face very close to hers. She could smell his breath and see his teeth, each one of which was probably as long as her hand.

“I think not,” he replied. “That seems like it would be a spectacular waste of a lovely woman, doesn’t it?” Katherine froze and looked down the length of the dragon. Between his hind legs, something was stiffening, something that was the same light green of his underbelly, fleshy, and about the length of her leg from toe to hip. It was also about as wide around as her waist. She felt the blood drain out of her face. It might not be the dragon’s teeth that killed her after all.

“No, no, no!” she screamed, thrashing in her bonds. “That’s impossible! That’s absolutely impossible!” This was a nightmare-this was the nightmare to end all nightmares.

“Hush,” said the dragon. She shut her eyes firmly and choked back a sob, turning her head to the side as tears streamed down her face freely.

And then they did it. In the butt. Then he came on her feet.


For those who want something more… exotic… then you might like this.




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