Going in-depth with black holes in space

The Eagle Eye

Josh Cenderelli
Staff Writer

BH_LMC Photo by Alain R via wikimedia.org

Simply, gravitational waves are ripples in the fabric of space and time. However, exploring that itself is confusing. If space was a giant trampoline, things that have mass would cause the trampoline to bend; the more mass something has the more the trampoline is distorted. Thus, the more mass something has, the more space gets bent and distorted by gravity.

The reason Earth goes around the sun is because the sun is very massive and causes a large distortion of space and time. So if you roll a marble on the trampoline around say something larger like a bowling ball in a straight line, it will move in a circle because of the distortion. There is no actual force pulling planets, just the bending of space.

Gravitational waves are produced whenever masses accelerate, changing the distortion of space. Everything…

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