Road to Revision

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Last week, I gave you a peek into where the setting for Strong Fort Spathí originated and how it evolved into what it is today.

This week, I’d like to give you a little glimpse into how a whole book travels from first draft through revision, at least for me.

Revision, like most writing related things, is both universal and intensely personal.  There are common steps, common tools, and common practices, but each author mixes and matches the steps, tools, and practices that work best for them in order to get their work done.

I’ve been working on the second book in the Swords & Shields Series since I finished the first draft of the first book, Strong Fort Spathí.  When I’m working on a larger set of pieces, like a series of novels, I tend to continue the drafting of the series while I start revisions on a given…

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