I’m back!

After my £600 laptop decided to turn into £600 worth of junk I’m back to using my shitty old one. Everything looks and feels like 1995 for the moment. Still, it has word and chrome so the basics for survival are there.

I will post all the interviews (there are a lot) that I have to do as well as a few more pieces of writing for your perusal. Time is, as ever, a fleeting thing that seems to slip away all to quickly.

Updates; I started a new Sam story – at some point I’ll post those – and I finally figured out what I want to do with his arch. I’m still trying to get Hoven published and will be editing the sodding shit out of it at some point (where have I heard that before?)

I plan to start writing Hoven 2 at some point this year – after I’m finished with the current Sam story.

Trev… well, the Trev story I wrote for NaNoWriMo just didn’t work. I’m not saying that it was badly written or anything like that, it simply didn’t have the real world grittiness I was after and added to that it felt very much like an urban fantasy book rather than an urban crime book which is what I was going for.

Well, onwards and upwards I guess.




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