Wasteman Miniatures Story

Hello chaps and chapettes,

Jason Miller, the owner of Thunderchild minis is looking to start a regular e-zine and he wants as many stories about the weird and wonderfully radioactive world that his game is set in.

Now, because Thunderchild minis is still emerging from its kick starter campaign all blind and gooey like a freshly birthed newborn , you wont get paid. Sorry about that.

I’m normally one to scoff at ‘exposure dollars’ but I like Jason so I’m lending him as much of my aid as I can. If any of you know the writers Bill King or Gav Thorpe you’ll know that their rise to power was as a direct result of perfecting their craft with the Games Workshop crew writing fluff and stories for them. Think of it like that – you might one day rise to become the head of IP and story boarding, or something, at Thunderchild and can sit back with Jason – or his cyborg successors – and laugh about the old days when all you had was a pen and a dream.

So if you want to contribute then email me any equerries or manuscripts you have. My email is chrishill.hill170@gmail.com and, of course if you want me for anything else then please feel free.

Hope to speak to you soon.


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