Why isn’t it working

Whenever I write something I always keep a word doc open titled ‘Why it isn’t working’.

Just in case anyone wanted to see what the inside of my mind is like here you go.

‘Characters and world are not well enough defined – needs to be a bit more cliché – need to amp up Trevs paranoia vs his desire to help. Need to show his chivalry towards girls. Trev needs to love hastings – be training dan and Janie up to take over from him.

Tim – needs to be friendly – need to have had a prior relationship with trev and to have that be more apparent. Need to share a common interest (old planes, model aircraft, etc)

Janie needs to get ghostly. Janie is an ultra victim. She needs to hated but misunderstood.

Trev knows too many people – needs to be more like the undertaker

Has to ‘find’ them – hunt down the king, hunt down Daniel – he has to discover the magical community in hastings. He can know about it theoretically, but not in practice.

Magical community needs to be a community – with trev as the black sheep. Think wwf attitude era with different stables and factions. Trev is the undertaker, dan is xpac and Janie is like raven – distrusted and disliked.

Ooh, new idea – Wizard cop 2

Janie goes super saijen necromancer

Marla is taken from her – she tries to return her to unlife as a ghost or even better return her to life. Tries to cross the barrier of life and death and become undead herself. Contacts the wights and tries to become one, doesn’t work. Tries to kill herself, Trev stops her. A goblin lets her know that he can put her in touch with someone that can help her.

Invasion of the necromancers – you get to see various different types of necromancers – Abhorson, liche, sympathetic magic users like konrad, people who have a perminant connection to the winds of magic and have to push the energy out into things in order to not explode – like nelast in the chaos wastes.

Different types of undead

Revenants – the bodies of the dead. The shell and the left overs of a body. Can be anything. Either need a will to control them or a permanent connection to the winds via the craft of a spell caster to keep them moving.

Ghosts – the souls of people

Wights – the shells of people that retain the memory of a soul but not the soul itself. Self aware. Mummies.

Wraiths – self aware. Wight without the body. Banshees.

Vampire – one of the strongest of the undead. Full human faculties. Full personality. As long as they absorb magic they will live forever. Blood tends to be the best way they can extract it. In high magical environments they will absorb it naturally although not as well as blood. The blood has to be fresh, it has to be living. Their power comes from the storage of memories and strength they attain from the blood they take. You are what you eat…

Magical forma and flora


Faeries are not spirits and not physical beings, but something in between. They share the properties of both. They can physically interact with the world but are not affected by it. The more magical power and influence they absorb the more grounded in the physical world they become – the king for example is almost a completely physical being – although he only obeys the laws of nature when he feels like it.

Faeries come in many different types although they all share the same structure – wisp like and incorporeal one moment and then as solid as stone the next. They are mercurial and as different as bugs.

Trolls – trolls start out life in the same manner as faeries but instead of absorbing magic they absorb physical matter and use it in their construction. Trolls take on the physical aspects of their environment as they eat and interact with the world around them. Trolls will continue to grow throughout their lives and they are functionally immortal. Trolls bodies are a permanent conduit to the winds of magic and they use this to construct their bodies. Trolls can be made of anything – even dead bodies. Trolls can die if they’re cut off from the winds of magic or if they

Ghoul – like a vampire, but they need to eat the flesh of the dead to attain the same result. They do not process and filter it in the same way – think of a cow – it has to eat loads of grass to get the same result as a predator would get eating a comparatively small amount of flesh. Not undead however.’



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