Some writing gigs

Well, here you go my thirsty little gin swiggers, have some writing jobs. Go! Go! Go!

  1. is Seeking a Freelance Writer

Mobile App marketing add business. They’re looking for a writer with an understanding of mobile app marketing, technology and the mobile market.


  1. Needs Freelance Music Writers

Music rag.


  1. is Seeking Freelance Writers

A racing website. Looking for cargeek writers to talk cargeek stuff.


  1. Agile Consulting is Seeking Freelance Content Writers

Consulting firm in the tech industry based in Menomonie, WI.


  1. Needs a Freelance Blogger

Culture rag.


  1. Sensi Magazine is Seeking Freelance Writers

Drug culture rag.

  1. Needs a Freelance Writer

Anti-drug culture rag.


  1. Interactive Content Services is Hiring a Freelance Journalist

Trade publication. Tech heavy.

  1. Express Writers is Seeking Freelance Real Estate Writers

Real eastate content. You’ll be writing content for industry brands and need to be both versatile and creative.

  1. LANDMARK 247 is Seeking a Freelance Blogger

Must have social media copy writing experience, editing experience and email marketing experience.

  1. Needs Freelance Entertainment Writers

Millenial rag.

  1. League of Legends is Seeking an eSports Journalist (Freelance)

E-Sports rag.

  1. Education Labs is Seeking a Content Writer (remote work)

Academic rag.

  1. Story Terrace is Seeking Freelance Writers

Memoir rag.

  1. Needs Freelance Writers

Review rag.

  1. FierceMarkets is Seeking a Freelance Writer/Editor

Online media rag.


  1. Creative Circle is Seeking a Freelance Copywriter

Marketing agency.


  1. Needs a Freelance Blogger

Insurance rag.

  1. Traders Reserve is Seeking Freelance Financial Writers

Financial rag.

  1. Tesseracts vol. 20 Anthology is Seeking Futuristic Sci-Fi Stories

SC-Fi rag.


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