Why advertising matters MORE

This is going to be about #BlackLivesMatter. If you have a mental deficiency and are easily ‘triggered’ by discussions of real life then read on and have yourself a fucking heart attack.

I want to start this with a caveat – Black lives do matter. I’m not going to say that all lives matter, because that tends to derail what the conversation is about. In the US – not the UK so much – there is a problem with racism. But its a racism that goes both ways. I think one of the better videos on the subject is this one by Tl;DR.

The reason these kids are talking about safe spaces is probably because they are some of the most sheltered and privileged in society. They’re the victims of fussy parents, Dr. Phil, self-esteem movements and playdates.

They have been subjected to constant supervision and guidance, adult intervention in every tiny conflict or struggle.

Your childhood, and mine, would be considered a nonstop avalanche of abuse and parental neglect, enough to cause even the most inveterate SENCO to burst into tears of sympathy.

Let me tell you a story; I once was allowed to walk to the park by myself. It was a whole mile I walked. I could have died. Think I’m being a dick? Well, in Maryland, one family was investigated by CPS for allowing their kids, 10 and 6, to play unsupervised at the local park. Horror of horrors, I would get dirty, wet, scraped up, bloody, stinking and hungry. I remember damming a stream one day and getting soaked to the skin and having to spend the rest of the day in my pants. They were good days.

Coming from a teaching background I have seen the advancement of mouth breathing, bug eyed, maniac level intensity in parents. The way they, in one breath, decry the lack of an outlet for their child’s physical energy and then hysterically shoo them away from anything that would let the child release that energy.

So, where do kids go to get these adventures they need? Video games are one place. Comics and books are another. Sometimes, especially if they’re inquisitive, the kids will go online.

Of course, with children expanding into different activities and media, so too will the bug eyed hysterical parents and with their traditional dope fiend level intensity they will set about controlling the environments as best they can. I don’t think I need to go into some of the controversies that these media have experienced – if you want me to though I will.

What do you get after a decade or two of psychotic helicopter parenting invading every aspect of a child’s life? An adult that cannot live without it – they have effectively been brainwashed.

What happens when you get enough of them crowded into one space? Well, the human mind is conformist at the end of the day and we are inclined to copy what others do, especially when we’ve been wrapped in plastic all our life. Allow me a small tangent here to explain what I mean. Say you and your friend see a spider. Your friend screams and runs away. You are likely to copy them and flee if you’ve never had to deal with a spider before as it is an unknown entity to you. You do this regardless of how dangerous the spider actually is. This is a simple survival function of your brain.

So you have all these kids in university or college (an unknown situation) and someone sees a spider. A mass stampeded ensues. This is #BlackLivesMatter.

Was it started for a noble and just cause? Yes, most defiantly. ‘I can’t breathe’ will be etched into my mind forever along with the names of John Crawford, Eric Garner and Freddie Gray as examples of police brutality.

But what has it become?

I refer you once again to the spider scare example above.

Incidentally, this is a terrible way to raise kids. In New Zealand a researcher did an experiment with 4 schools, removing all rules from their unstructured playtime and giving them lumps of wood to play with as well as tires and ropes. Bullying went down as did injuries. So, yeah, go figure; kids can look after themselves if you let them.

The college campus kids we see in places like Mizziou are products of a home environment that did not allow them enough room to explore the world on their own. Instead of letting them explore with the knowledge that there was a safe home to return to when they got scared or hurt, their parents tried to turn the entire world into a safe home, and to restricted access to those parts they couldn’t pad in cotton wool.

I’ve worked in some pretty shitty schools and some pretty good schools and let me tell you which kids are more likely to get this sort of parenting; the rich kids. Sure the poorer kids have their own problems too, but the wealthy ones end up fucked up as opposed to uneducated (poorer kids tend to do less well educationally).

The current stupidity in #BlackLivesMatter is the product of this sort of lifestyle.

Is #BlackLivesMatter the problem?


Is the way parents are parenting their children the problem?

No. Well, yes, but it’s now not the main problem.

Is it the university’s?

We’re getting closer, but not quite.

Is it the safe space culture created by both parents and universities as well as a very dodgy court system?

Probably. At least that’s how I see it. Let me elaborate.

The safer we get, the smaller the stress it takes to trigger a reaction – think of the princess and the pea. No one I grew up with takes micro-aggressions seriously, and those that do are twats and will always be twats. If you are traumatized by something like a micro-aggression then it’s entirely likely that you’re upbringings did not provide you with the tools to cope.

The parenting of these kids (the desire to be protected) combined with the fertile grounds of campuses sociology and liberal arts departments (the desire to protect) helped make this happen.

Is there anything else?

Yeah; some people are arseholes who want power. If you look at Melissa Click in videos from that protest in Mizzou, she’s strutting around like Boudicca or Jean d’Arc working up her own personal army.

I’m not blaming Click, but I am angry and distrustful of people like her. People like her express opinions about what kind of problems exist in society, but when commenters ask questions or disagree they get screamed out of the room. When this happens on a campus the commentators get flogged in the court of public appeal.

Like I said; advertising matters. Just be aware of when people are advertising to you.


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