I’m at 20k currently.

So… yay?

Realistically I need to be doing better. I don’t think I’ll be able to get the total word count if I’m honest – mostly because I’m a lazy cuck.

The draft is shit – but that’s ok. At this stage its supposed to be shit. The whole thing is supposed to just be effluence on the page – effluence is maintainable. Once the month is done – and the 50k finished – I’ll be editing it into gold plated splendor.

I think that is the hardest part of Nanorimo. People go into it wanting to write great stuff and feel proud of the work they produce. Pfft – you dont start of proud of your child, so why would you with your writing? Let it shit the bed for a few months before it works out how to hold it in. Get the story finished first and then sort it out.

Nanorimo serves as a 0 level draft. Don’t try to make it any more than that. Get to the 50k and then set it aside for a month. Come back to it in the new year and work on it like its that third helping of trifle you had at Christmas.


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