Saturdays LARP!!!!

My buddy Crystal is organizing a LARP for her kids and I’ve been roped in. The email detail are below!

You are Eberindor, the overbearing and flamboyant owner of ‘Eberindor’s Famed Emporium’

The Emporium sells all manner of goods; Food, drinks, ribbon, Antiquities and curios, nik-naks and gew-gaws, herbs and remedies. Varit (Freddie) is your hapless assistant (think Grenville to your Arkwright, from open all hours) – feel free to boss him about and undermine his confidence! Nanny Bertha (Grace)also works at the Emporium, but is not working today… but she may pop in to say hi! 

If you have a brightly coloured suit jacket, or a velvet one – feel free to bring it with you. Hopefully I am making you tusks and borrowing you a walking cane. Otherwise, if you have any clothing that wouldn’t look out of place in a fantasy setting, go with it. 

The story so far… Chris (or possibly me) has read the children into a storybook land that is very real and present. Unfortunately they have no way back; there used to be a gate between our world and this story world, but a long time ago robbers stole the magic pyramid gems that powered the gate. To return home they must recover the gems (Which can’t be too far away, as no one can leave the wood because the gate is shut) and place them back in the Grotto. 

The plan… 

  • Nanny Bertha (Grace) will meet the children and explain where they are, and take them to see the Grotto Nymph (Donna), as she was the guardian of the pyramid gems. 
  • Donna will explain that the gems were stolen by robbers years ago, and no one quite knows what happened to them. They also stole a special stick from the Grotto (a Skytale – rhymes with Italy) but left the bit of leather with letters on it. She thinks that the stick helps you read the message on the leather… but has no idea what it says or where the stick is. She suggests that the children go and visit ‘Eberindor’s Famed Emporium’ as Eberindor knows lots of gossip, and is bound to have a better idea of where to look next. 
  • At this point they may encounter either Barrington (Andrew) – a junk hoarding man who carries his home on his back (think the rubbish-tip people in Labyrinth), or The Riddlesmith (Mark) – he stands on the steps leading up to the emporium and will not let anyone pass without them answering a riddle.  Andrew has one of the pyramids – he is using it to hold his fishing line down… if they notice it, they can attempt to get him to give it to them; he will swap it for something that does the same job, or sell it to them for 4gold. They can steal it, but then later encounters with him may not go so well! If they don’t notice the pyramid, then when they leave, Andrew will pack up and go off wandering and they will have to track him down later! Andrew can also offer them 2gold to go up to the Emporium and get a healing salve for his leg. 
  • The Emporium; they will meet Varit (Freddie) – Granville from open all hours, but more steampunky – and Eberindor (Chris) –the overbearing and flamboyant owner of the Emporium. All the goods are for sale, but anything we don’t want them to purchase will be overpriced so that they can’t afford it! (Grace will be with them, and she will offer them tastes of all the food on offer – she will pay for them later). One of the Pyramids they are looking for is at the bottom of the pile of Antiquities, priced 4gold. They can buy it if they have earned any money – or Eberindor can offer to give it to them in exchange for delivering a message to the Grotto Nymph – he is in love with her! If they ask about the stick; Varit knows the ‘Lady on the island’ collects sticks and may have the one they are looking for. Grace knows where the lady lives and can direct them. 
  • The island; The lady of the Island (Anna) does indeed have a stick that she thinks is the one they are looking for – but she won’t give it to them until they pop up to the Emporium and get the ‘Lampfruit’ she has ordered. (Unfortunately Varit has forgotten to get any Lampfruit in – so will pay the bold adventurers 2g to go and get a couple from the Grotto nymph – deliver one to the Lady and one back to the Emporium. The Lady also knows how to use the Skytale stick (you wrap the leather message round it and words become obvious)  it says; ‘To quiet the tree, make it sleepy!’ Grace thinks this must refer to the guardian of the gate. Sleeping powder is for sale at the Emporium.
  • If they need any more money – Donna can offer them a job making the usually dour Riddlesmith, laugh… 2g. And/Or can also pay them to get a container to put some of her pool water in so she can leave the grotto and visit Eberindor… 2g.
  • Robbers hideout; Eberindor knows where the robbers hideout is – the ones that stole the Pyramids – and will eventually mention this to our intrepid explorers. Probably after he gets the good news about the Nymph wanting to come and meet him. He can suggest that they may still have one (or two – if they haven’t found Andrews one yet) of the pyramids… but warn them to watch out for traps, as the robbers protect their hideout well (not that anyone has seen them for years).  Once at the hideout, Morren (Gareth)  – ‘Smut’ to his friends – will hear them coming and look fearsomely like he is going to run them through with his sword… except he is blind and is looking in completely the wrong direction. He will try with the bravado for a little bit, then sit down on a bench and lament how he can’t see anymore, his friends are all long dead (he buried them himself), his camp has become a prison as he can’t see to avoid his traps, and his food ran out 2 days ago!  He will (hopefully) convince the kids to go and retrieve his hidden treasure from the hollow tree by the Nymph’s grotto – they will have to follow his map! – and then sell it to the Emporium and bring him food and drink. Of course, once they have got the treasure (Pyramid 3) they may decide to leave him to die… it’s on their conscience.
  • Back to the Grotto; Donna needs to put the pyramids in the right place in the Grotto to make the magic work again… of course, if she has gone for a date with Eberindor, they may have to find her first and convince her to return. When they are placed in the correct spaces, and mystical hand gestures have been given, the Grotto will light up, signifying the return of the magic. Yay. Grace can then take the explorers to the gate and if they have the sleeping powder, they can dump it on the Guardian tree and escape through the gate. If they don’t have the powder, they can just make a dash for it – the guardian will shout out and the bird-monster will come to get them – but slow enough for them to run off. 

When we have finished, we go back to Donna’s for food. 😉

Right think that is it – but bound to have forgotten something 😉 am sure it is as clear as mud. See you Saturday for high jinx at Summerfields woods xxx



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