Names are important

Names are important.

Names are really important. Well, thats enough dramatic tension built, lets get on with this.

My name is Chris Hill. Is it odd that that has no resonance with me at all? It a sound that has only vague connections with my being, however I cant imagine being called anything else. Sure, I’ve tried, hell I think all my rp characters and early fictionals are an attempt to realize the real me and put a name on it.

I’d love to get other peoples opinion on this; do you feel attached to your name? Do you think it suits you or would you prefer something else.

Its gonna sound dumb, but I hate being called Christopher or even Chris Hill – I can say those but no one else. Christopher is what my mum calls me and I guess I take umbrage with that because common muuuuuum? An infantile quest for identity perhaps, the attempt to establish an identity away from the family? Who knows? And Chris Hill is what I was called in school and all that reminds me of is secret sniggering and weakness and shame.

God, school has a lot to answer for huh?

Anyway; names. Its funny how once you have someones name they loose power over you and you gain a measure of it against them. For example, when you meet someone they are ‘the stranger’ and have great power in that anonymity (hell they could be anyone and they can imply – or you can assume – any amount of authority as well). When you get their name they become a person, a reference and now you have not only a name but a personality to attach to them. They become three d and you start to realise that they have pimples on their butts just like you.


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