My Next Book Project: The Psychology of Fixing the Economy through Better Public Policy

As a former teacher myself, I can state categorically, that no one gives a toss about what teachers thinks. Being an Englishman I am predisposed to bouts of humourless melancholy, but I do find it bitterly hilarious that the Chinese, a government who collect accusations of fascism like schoolboys collect football stickers, let their educators be the masters of their education system and the default experts.

radical eyes for equity

As many have highlighted, the media turns to almost anyone except educators when dealing with education topics such as evaluating and paying teachers (ask an economist), teaching reading (ask a psychologist), expanding charter schools (ask a political scientist), or creating national standards (which apparently requires a degree in philosophy).

Therefore based on my experiences as a student (nobody asks a student about anything), as a public school classroom teacher (nobody asks a teacher anything), and as an “ivory tower” academic (really? ask a professor?) who graduated from state schools with an undergraduate and two graduate degrees in education, I have now begun work on my next book:

New Book2

I am eager to speak with publishers, and any media outlet interested in a guest Op-Ed or an interview!

[insert cricket noise]

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