The Icelandic government pauses a road construction project to make sure the elves are happy. ELVES!!! Anywhere else, it would be a great day if the government brakes for environmentalists or people whose homes happen to be in the way… I find the whole thing very cute and just ever so slightly disturbing (because, you know… elves!!!)
  My first reaction was “awwwwh, that’s adorable”, and then it dawned on me that waiting for a dude to finish communing with elves before proceeding with road construction is not too far away from waiting on someone to sacrifice a chicken before declaring war. Or something similar!
  Someone is batshit crazy with a very loving, indulgent and supportive community most likely.
  Yes, Icelanders do their spirituality differently.
  As we all know, Iceland happens to sit at the opening straight to Hel. If we piss off the elves by demolishing one of their churches, they’re going to go down there and talk to the fire demons and the fire demons are going to be pissed off with us for pissing off the elves, and then they’re going to be all ‘that’s it, time to invade the middle lands where the soft, burnable humans live, and the next thing you know it’s going to be rains of sulfur, cinders for our porridge, and no mead for a hundred winters.

Do NOT go pissing off the fire demons. Do NOT go pissing off the elves. Because I do not want cinder porridge for my breakfast. Or sulfurous rain filling my wells.

Praise Odin.


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