Ergh, what?

I’m a happy person. Well, no, actually I’m a depressive and emotionally masochistic pleb with all the happy-happy-joy factor of watching a childhood pet run over.

It confuses me that you would need to remove the word men from a motion regarding razors, unless the motion was ‘lets make men swallow razor blades’.

Given the tweet in question I doubt it.

I’ve been on the Internet long enough to be told that reverse sexism doesn’t exist, I’ve had it screamed at me a few times.

I will make a prediction; at some point people like that will  push men away to the extent that they find themselves alone and surrounded by only people who hold the same opinion and hateful ideas as them. They will then be unable to function around even the most polite and ideologically compatible men. They will be alone, quite possibly hated by others.


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