The Female Body

I like boobs. I like butts. I like National Cleavage Day.

But…. I get why people think it’s skeevy.

I’m a wargamer and I am really selective when it comes to my female models; I don’t like to use overly sexulized girls mostly because on a battlefield a chain mail bikini is about as useful as chocolate body paint at the piranha swimathon. I like seeing people turn up for war not a porn shoot, so I’m never going to buy this lass. Not that I object to a bit of cleavage, but unless her strategy is to lap dance a plague bearer to death I’m not convinced. If the costume had a reason then I’d have no problem with it – I like Star Trek Voyager’s 7of9 for her story remember.

So, yeah, if the fluffs good for the model to look sexy then that’s cool with me. For instance, Lilith Hesperax is a woman who has beaten the best of the warhammer 40k universe by the power of just being better than everyone – especially you, Ted. No magic powers, no daemonic compacts, no super powers, just better at cutting stuff than you. And her fluff makes her costume choice a genuinely cool part of her character. If she was was just a bit of TnA then I wouldn’t buy her, coquettishly laughing at the boys and rubbing herself on her latest victim, her large milky breasts giggling and swaying as the blood rolls off them and… sorry, got a bit carried away there.

I’m not a prude, I just like my fantasy roleplay to have a slight amount of realism in it – aside from all the magic, dragons, goblins and large milky breasts, sweat drenched thongs, laughing voices that tell me I’ve been a bad boy…. NO I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING!


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