Hello world!

Hi, this is my first post and hopefully this is the return to glory I am hoping for .
  I decided to take a little gander at the madness of twitter re the ‘Jazzhands’ of the feminism conference.  I’m sure there are lots of other people who have said very clever things on the subject but I’d just like to stick my elbow in and have a natter. Plus this will be an introduction to me, myself and my various ridiculousnesses.
  I am scared of werewolves. I am fucking terrified of them. There is nothing on the planet I am more scared of and they aint even real. I get shakes when I see pictures of them and I’m genuinely scared when I see anyone in a costume. I can barely stand to listen to that fake ass howl people always do when I tell them – I know its coming but it still makes my guts drop.
  I cannot avoid these things – they are all over the place, all over the modeling communities I’m part of and fantasy communities I contribute to and the films I love. They are a fundamental part of literature that dives into the man/animal dichotomy and they are a significant part of my nightmares.
  I am not going to tell people they cant make werewolf art because it scares me, it TRIGGERS me.
  Because the world has worse things to throw at me than werewolves. If I bow to fear of one thing, what’s next? I am doing myself and especially other people a dis disservice by trying to stop them from doing something they love.
  The world is vast and vile and filled with terrible ,awful, people and things. Let’s give people the respect of assuming that they can handle it. If they can’t then they need to step outside and have a moment and then come back and try it again. I have to do that whenever werewolves come up. as an asside, I once couldnt get off the loo because I was scared by a noise in my house and IT COULD HAVE ONLY BEEN A WEREWOLF. I still sleep with my head under the blankets on a full moon. But I cope and I don’t impact others with my fear because I empathize with people who do not share this fear.
  But lets turn this around; how dare they spout ablism! Some one might be triggered because they don’t have hands!
  Academia is a hugbox, especially when the rich get to do it.Now this is an article I read, sent to me by a twitter friend http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/22/opinion/sunday/judith-shulevitz-hiding-from-scary-ideas.html?_r=0 I’ll let you make your own mind up there.
  We could have a discussion all day about the merits of respect. All I’m going to say is that asking for it without qualifying why you need to using potential weakness as your banner for said respect isn’t a way to get it. I am scared of werewolves and I don’t want you to do that assretarded howl is going to make you want to do it. I know that. The only way I can make you respect my fear is by having a long conversation about it with you in which we both exchange ideas and feelings, and I have to work my ass off to make sure I’m not hectoring you and bullying you in the process. Or I could just, you know, control my fear. Sun Tsu, ‘know thy self’ and I’m assuming ‘control thyself’
Anyway, thats the first of a few I think I’ll do.
See you later

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